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Occupational therapy at Percept often mimics play. Through therapeutic play, children learn how to manage themselves, organize their bodies, come up with ideas and plans for action, solve issues, and build relationships. All of these skills are necessary for a child to succeed at home and in school. Through joyful interactions with their parents, therapists, and other children, the sensory gym offers the perfect setting for children to develop motor confidence, body scheme, impulse control, goal-directed activities, and social success.

Your child's occupational therapist is focusing on arousal control, the development of motor and process skills, and helping your child have "just-right success" while playing. Based on research and theory from the domains of neurobiology and psychobiosocial theory, our approach is a relationship-based direct intervention.

When a child enrolls at Our Institute, the entire family is supported, and parents receive training designed to teach the therapeutic concepts that advance their child's health and wellness.

Therapy at Percept Rehab is centered on the three interconnected pillars of health: sensory integration, regulation, and connections.

Therapy aims to enhance social skills, self-worth, and the creation of joyful family and learning environments. as using a sensory integration approach, therapy frequently involves methods for regulating and discriminating sensations as well as enhanced postural control and motor planning as necessary. We also consider the priorities that parents have established for alterations to regular functioning at home, school, and/or in the community. Finding joy in life and enhancing parent-child relationships are ongoing objectives.

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