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Best Pediatric Therapy in Indirapuram: Percept Rehabilitation Center above the about us

About Us

Occupational therapy at Percept often mimics play. Through therapeutic play, children learn how to manage themselves, organize their bodies, come up with ideas and plans for action, solve issues, and build relationships. All of these skills are necessary for a child to succeed at home and in school.

We personalize Autism Services

Percept wants to help each child with an autism diagnosis realize their full potential. By providing quicker access to better clinical care while utilizing the abilities of our qualified professionals, we set ourselves apart from the competition. Additional benefits of receiving autism therapy at Percept include the following: Our treatment plans involve and educate the parents, we develop individualized treatment plans with their involvement, all of our therapists are Board Certified and licensed, and our therapist’s training is four times longer than industry standards.

Our Core Values

Our Mission

We thinks that kids ought to be respected and loved. Each child's potential is maximized while receiving the best possible care. We welcome and encourage involvement from families, carers, and educational institutions in the therapeutic process.

Our Vision

We want to teach them lifelong skills that they can utilize in their future endeavors. By using therapeutic approaches, children can develop successfully on a social, emotional, physical, and developmental level, acquiring the skills they need for play, school, and beyond.

Our Values

We value every child and member of the family. We embrace your opinions, comments, and recommendations. We appreciate you helping to empower your youngster.


It can be difficult to negotiate the complexity of parenting your child to reach their full potential if you have an autistic child, as any parent who has experienced this knows.


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